The registration fee for this year is $50.00.  Siblings in the program will pay$35.00.  Franklin Township Wrestling is a non-profit program, and any money raised is applied directly to benefit the program and its participants. Some of the costs incurred are:  uniforms, t-shirts, coaches’ shirts, referee fees, tournament fees, etc.


A wrestler’s equipment consists of a one-piece uniform called a singlet, which we will supply.

Your child is required to wear headgear and can purchase them at a sporting goods store like Efingers or Sports World.  Because of sanitary reasons it is not a good idea to “borrow” other children’s headgear.

Wrestling shoes are recommended but not mandatory.  Lightweight indoor sneakers can be substituted.

Wrestle Offs

If there are 2 children in the same weight class the children must wrestle off for that weight class position.  Whoever wins that wrestle off will be the lead wrestler of that class. The child who lost the wrestle off can challenge the winner if that child loses a match (Only in Raritan Valley). All children will wrestle every match. Click here for Glossary & Points System.

Link to Rules and Regulations

Additional Information

  1. Medical release forms and a note from a physician stating your child is physically fit to wrestle MUST be in the coach’s hand prior to your child getting on the mat at the first practice.
  2. Headgear and wrestling shoes are required. These can be purchased at Effinger’s in Bound Brook or most other sporting goods stores.
  3. Wear shorts and T-shirt to practice.
  4. Bring a water bottle to practice.
  5. We want to stress the importance of schoolwork above all else!!! To show the children we are very serious about this, we are asking for a copy of the first marking period report card to be handed in to the coaches.
  6. Parent participation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Our club is growing and we have big ideas for our future, please help us.

We need:

  • Concession committee – we need someone to co-ordinate the concession donations from parents for each home match.
  • Tournaments coordinator – gathers and distributes tournament information with the help of the coaches.
  • Set up and clean up crews for home matches.
  • Help with the care of the mats.
  • Help making phone calls.
  • Score keeper (must have knowledge of wrestling).
  • Fundraising and donations.
  • Hall monitors during practices
  • Any suggestions on how you can help the club.